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Pr. Ted Giese on The God Whisperers with Donofrio & Cwirla

Pr. Ted Giese on The God Whisperers with Donofrio & Cwirla

Giese, Donofrio & Cwirla Talk American Film Institute's Top 100 Films (100-96)

Listen here for Pr. Ted Giese on The God Whisperers with Pastors Donofrio & Cwirla.  To listen online now click the banner below. 

If you haven't experienced The God Whisperers before, buckle up. This is a show that has been called disturbing yet compelling and is known for its digressions and love of all things bacon. In this instalment Pastor Giese is the third mic guest and the three pastors eventually, after a bit of kibitzing, get around to talking about movies. There are 2 things to remember when listening to The God Whisperers 1) Don't binge listen 2) you get what you pay for. For more episdoes click here.   

The five movies that they talk about along the way (some more briefly then others) are from the American Film Institute's top 100 films.


100 BEN-HUR (1959) MPAA Rating: G all ages admited

99 TOY STORY (1995) MPAA Rating: G all ages admited

98 YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942) MPAA Rating: G all ages 

97 BLADE RUNNER (1982) Rated R violence and brief nudity 

96 DO THE RIGHT THING (1989) Rated R language and brief nudity

None American Film Institute bonus video - Here's the scene that Bill was talking about from the film NOAH (2014), even in this scene there are things that are great and things that are ... well ... a little off, let's say. Have a look.

Rev. Ted Giese is associate pastor of Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; a contributor to Reformation Rush Hour on KFUO AM Radio, The Canadian Lutheran and Reporter; and movie reviewer for the “Issues, Etc.” radio program. Follow Pastor Giese on Twitter @RevTedGiese