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Christian Education for Children and Families


Sunday School

Sunday school is held during the months of September through May on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11:00 am between Services.  Our Lord has blessed Mount Olive with dedicated superintendents, teachers, and helpers who give of their time, talents and gifts in maintaining an exciting educational program. A schedule of this year's Sunday School program is available here. 
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Vacation Bible School 

Each year, usually in the month of August, children are treated to a busy week full of fun, music, crafts and lessons of God's love for us.  The success of the week comes together with many volunteers from the congregation who give their time and talents to ensure a happy Christian environment. Check the calendar on our homepage for current information.

For Youth

Confirmation of Baptism

Classes run from September to the beginning of June. Please contact our Church Office for mor details. 

F3 - Youth and Young Adults Group


For Adults

Bible Studies

Our Library/Lounge is the place for weekly Adult Bible Studies at Mount Olive. Adult Bible Studies at Mount Olive generally run from September through May. “Sunday School for Adults” covers a variety of topical themes and is held Sunday mornings starting at 9:00 am. This study is led by Mr. Cam Pelzer and is located in the Library Lounge. On Thursday mornings beginning at 9:15 am, our Pastors alternate in leading our Bible Brunch study. Both studies feature lively and engaging discussions together with fellowship and prayer.

Grief Classes

Grief is no respecter of persons. Grief is necessary and normal. It is a highly personal response to losses that come our way, whenever we must deal with major life changes: loss of health, limb, employment, home, business, infertility, loss of relationships, be it separation, divorce or the loss of a loved one through death. Call the church office at 543-9744 for more information. 
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