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Rev. Ted Giese, Lead Pastor 

Rev. Ted Giese has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from NSCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia (1997), a Masters of Theological Studies Degree (2000) and a Masters of Divinity Degree (2007) from Concordia Lutheran Seminary Edmonton Alberta. He has served as a pastor at Mount Olive since 2007. In 2006 he served at Mount Olive as a Seminarian Vicar. 

Congregational life at Mount Olive provides opportunity to preach, teach, and administer the Sacraments (Baptism, The Lord's Supper and Confession and Absolution) as well as conduct weddings and funerals. It is a blessing to visit people in their homes, seniors homes, and hospitals; and to help people and families with spiritual problems and distress, including but not limited to "things that go bump in the night." If you are interested in the Bible, Spirituality, and or the Sacraments please contact me, I would love to talk with you - maybe go and get some coffee.

Spare time is filled with friends and family, playing board games visiting over a beer or going to the movies. Watching movies is more than simple entertainment; I have a passion for film and enjoy almost all kinds of movies. Film is art, sometimes good sometimes bad, it can be well intentioned or brilliant, it can even be troublesome and thought provoking. Every film is a chance to engage your Confession of Faith with what is on the screen; this is one of the most fascinating elements of film. In the past number of years I've been reviewing movies as a contributor to The Canadian Lutheran and Reporter; and serve as movie reviewer for the “Issues, Etc.” radio program. Find me on Twitter @RevTedGiese and feel free to check out Mount Olive's Movie Review Index for my film reviews and other radio and podcast work.

Yours in Christ Jesus, 
Rev. Ted Giese
Lead Pastor
Mount Olive Lutheran Church,
Regina Saskatchewan Canada.