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This Wedding Planner is intended to answer frequently asked questions about weddings at Mount Olive Lutheran Church. 

It is important to remember that a Christian Wedding Service is a worship service in which baptized believers in the Lord Jesus Christ receive God's blessing upon their union and make vows of faithfulness before God and before the congregation, according to principles laid out in the Word of God. 


Couples seeking to determine the availability of the church and a pastor in order to be married at Mount Olive are asked to attend a regular worship Service of the church (Sunday’s 9 & 11am) and introduce themselves to one of the pastors after the service. Following the initial introduction a date and time for a future appointment to further discuss the wedding can be arranged. At that appointment one of our pastors will provide an explanation of the Christian wedding service conducted at Mount Olive, and gather required details about your baptism and confirmation of baptism. Please be prepared to supply that information at the meeting.

While couples often come looking to simply talk about a wedding service Mount Olive is interested in more than this. A wedding is only the beginning of a married life and as such Mount Olive desires to prepare you not just for a wedding day but for a married life together as a Christian couple. To that end Mount Olive will ask of you and your fiancé/fiancée to attend Pre-marital preparatory counselling. These classes are for both those who are communicant members of the congregation and for those who are not confirmed members of Mount Olive or a sister Lutheran Church - Canada [LCC] congregation. The classes focus on Basic Christianity in relation to marriage. The classes also provide a path towards baptism, confirmation of baptism and membership in the congregation for those in need of these aspects of the Christian life.


If you are living out of town, you may not be able to attend sessions offered by Mount Olive. If this is the case one of our pastors may make arrangements with a pastor in your local area for you to attend sessions closer to home. Pastor Giese can make arrangements for you to attend classes at your closest Lutheran Church - Canada congregation, if you are not able to attend such classes at Mount Olive.


In the Province of Saskatchewan, couples seeking marriage require a marriage license. Marriage licenses may be purchased from marriage license issuers. Jewelry stores or town administrators in Saskatchewan generally provide this service. The license is valid for 90 days. The fee is $60.00. Additional information on these matters, including the marriage of those who have been previously divorced, may be obtained at the Saskatchewan Justice website --


Weddings are held at Mount Olive on church premises. Wedding Services are performed by Pastor Giese or by the pastor of a sister Lutheran Church - Canada congregation.

Mount Olive Lutheran Church – as well as its furnishings – have been dedicated as a House of Worship and we ask that you and your guests maintain proper decorum and behavior at all times. Since our furnishings are dedicated items blessed to the service of the Lord, they may not be removed to accommodate decorations. Please check with our pastors about any proposed decorations. 

While Mount Olive does have a hall it doesn’t have a liquor licence.


The cost for a wedding at Mount Olive Lutheran Church is $550.00. This amount was approved by Mount Olive's church council. The best way to handle this is to prepare a single cheque, made out to "Mount Olive Lutheran Church," and bring it to your wedding rehearsal. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to check with the Pastor at the time your wedding plans are formulated. 


In order to keep the service orderly and dignified, there will be a minimum of distractions due to photography and other such movement. Flash pictures are permitted as the wedding party enters and leaves the church. They are also permitted during the signing of the register. Photo opportunities may be arranged before or after the service. Please ask your photographer and video person to meet with the pastor at the wedding rehearsal or immediately before the service.


The Wedding Service will lead you and your guests in worship, giving glory to God and asking for His blessings on your life together. In preparation for the day your pastor will guide you through the service and advise you about what music will best accompany it. He will help you avoid common sensational and sentimental pitfalls so that your wedding ceremony will be a service you will remember with happiness and contentment in future years.

Since the music in a wedding service is intended to glorify God, it should contribute to the respectful spirit of worship. The congregation has a number of musicians available to provide appropriate music for organ or piano. All music used in the service, including instrumental selections, requires pastoral approval. Please note that any music/lyrics in conflict with Lutheran Doctrine cannot be approved.  

Worship folders for the wedding service are prepared and printed by the office staff of Mount Olive. Couples are asked to purchase bulletins through the church office.


The pastor will arrange a date and time for a wedding rehearsal and direct the activities at the rehearsal so that it will go smoothly in as brief a time as possible. Please ask all members of the wedding party, as well as family members, to be on time for the rehearsal. 

The pastor will advise your ushers concerning their work on the day of the wedding as to their duties. In order to be prepared for any unexpected eventualities Mount Olive includes a caretaker who will be on the premise at the time of the wedding to address any facility questions that arise.


May God bless the important plans you are making at this time!


Looking for a great Christian book about Marriage? Check out "Your Marriage by God's Design" or Untied in Christ: Preparing for Christian Marriage