More / Book of the Month / Wedding Sermon / Kevin and Tamra Hoftyzer / Psalm 16 - Pastor Lucas Albrecht / Regina - September 16th 2017

Wedding Sermon / Kevin and Tamra Hoftyzer / Psalm 16 - Pastor Lucas Albrecht / Regina - September 16th 2017

 Wedding Sermon / Kevin and Tamra Hoftyzer / Psalm 16 - Pastor Lucas Albrecht / Regina - September 16th 2017

Wedding ceremony: Tamra and Kevin Hoftyzer
Psalm 16 - In your presence there’s fullness of living

Dear Tamra and Kevin:

       Que tal se eu comecasse o sermao desta forma?
       Oder werde ich auf Deutsch diese nachricht mit euch zu teilen?
       Heeft u liever dat ik in Kevin's familie taal praat?

      Does that make any sense to you? Not so much, I’m pretty sure. We are having a communication problem here. Unless I speak in a language, in a way that you can understand me – even with my accent - communication will not be established.

     Communication was one of the main topics we talked about during our pre-wedding meetings. Tamra and Kevin shared how much they have learned along the way about how important proper communication is. It helps a couple to bridge over relationship problems and issues. On the other hand, how a single phrase, word, or emoticon – or the lack of it – may spark a long DTR sessions, heh?

      If I want this message to get across to you in the clearest way possible I myself have to be clear in my communication today. And since the message I intend to get across to you and your family is about happiness in the family life, I will use Psalm 16 to try accomplish that. My quotes actually will come from the song we sang as you walked down the aisle, “You oh Lord”, which is from that Psalm.

      In Psalm 16 King David points you toward a life where happiness is not a question of feeling good sensations all the time, but a mature and well seasoned way of living together in the ups and downs of our walk of life. It talks about:

Refuge – “Guard my life, O Lord! For in You I take my refuge”. To take refuge is one of our basic needs. Our parents arms, under our roof; in a well protected place out of the reach of harm and danger. In God you always have that place. A place of comfort and strength. A place to open up everything and anything. A refuge protecting you from breaking down and despairing. A stronghold of hope.
Possessions – Surely it is very good to have a good house, a good car, a good job – belongings that we esteem. But David, the Psalmist is saying that the Lord is everything he has. “I say to the Lord: “-There’s no good being far from You. You are my Lord, everything I have!” So there’s no good being far from Him. If we don’t want to be away from the things we worked so hard to acquire, we will certainly find no good being far from Jesus which is everything we have that is always secure, never changes. Because, as the Psalm says, “Preserves me sound and safe. Protects me in fear and pain.”
Counsel and instruction – “Blessings You bestow; wonderful Grace, forgiveness! I bless the Lord for my counsels I have from Him. During the night He teaches my heart to trust”. Family life is full of great moments. Also, full of challenges. That’s why we discussed in length the topic of communication. We are always in need of counsel and instructions. Whereas they are most welcomed from relatives, family, friends, they are even more welcome from God Himself, as He communicates in His Word. In that sense, it is always important to remain teachable, learning from Him even during the night, as the song declares.
Consistency – “I am sure He’s always here.” Isn’t it great to know that you both have each other? Someone that would be there for you all the time? Even if not physically sometimes, but you know that you can count on your spouse for better and for worse. Now think of God himself being always here. Not just a guy up there, not just a force or energy; not something abstract but a personal God that is 24/7 by your side.

      In face of that, we can sing with the psalmist: “You, O Lord, make known to me the path of living! You O Lord! - in Your presence there’s fullness of living!” We have many things that compose the mosaic of our lives. But there’s one that brings us fullness of living. Christ’s death and ressurection for us, bringing forgiveness, peace, and hope assures us that we can live to the fullest guided by His hand. It assures you that you can walk together hand in hand with His presence in your hearts; especially that you can love each other to the end of your lives.

      Speaking of love, something we must keep in mind is that LOVE is not just a feeling, like Hollywood movies keep trying to tell us. To LOVE is an action verb. It is a constant. If we think of love just as a sentiment, it can’t be reliable. |Feelings come and go. Even sometimes bad feelings are the ones who stick around. We need unconditional love, in good or in bad times. Spouses can say “ I love you” for sure, but way more than that what we need are actions of love. Small or big. Not only on Valentine’s Day or Weeding Anniversaries, but also – and especially – in the worst days. There’s a phrase that goes “I need you to love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I need it the most”. And yes, we have lots of those opportunities in a marital life! That’s what God did for us. His love came to us when we didn’t deserve it – but when we needed it the most!

      Dear Tamra and Kevin: God’s is communicating to you every day. By faith you can get his message. Walking in faith and love you can surely strive to get your message across to each other. I am sure you want to have a full life together. Remember: Psalm 16 communicates to us that All our future is in His Hands, and that in His presence there’s fullness of life. So, Mag God je huwelijk zegenen. (God bless you) Love Him. Communicate love to each other and act in love to each other. Every day. Amen.