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Sunday School Parent Connection: Sun. Feb 9

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Sunday School Parent Connection:  Sun. Feb 9

Mount Olive's Sunday School Parent Connection

A partnership between teachers and parents to educating our children and nourishing their spiritual growth!  


Today's message was all about Our Savior's gift of Grace.  With Valentine's Day coming up, we considered God's love for us revealed in Christ's actions of dying on the cross for our forgiveness of sins.  Jesus gave his own life as a ransom for the sins of the world.  No one else in all of history was given this task, because no one else qualified; no one else had lived a perfect life; no one else could die His perfect death.  Christ's actions were a gift given to us freely.  To understand this is a life-changing message, as it gives us forgiveness and hope for a future with God.

This morning, the kids watched a demonstration with water to illustrate how Jesus is pure and sinless (clear water) and how sin makes us impure (water turns dirty).  We discussed the fact that Christ does not only see our outsides but that he also sees inside of us.  We can not hide sin from Him.  Jesus knew that we needed to be clean like him so he allowed himself to be crucified and die.  The water then changed to clear again, to show our sins are forgiven.
We also watched a short video explaining how receiving God's Grace is like meat being marinated.  The more we immerse ourselves in God's Word by reading the bible and attending church worship services, the more His Grace saturates and fills us up!  
Finally, we enjoyed eating God's Love Cupcakes and made our own Cross Graham Cracker snacks.  The morning ended with creating Valentine boxes made from the shape of a cross -- and we placed chocolate hearts in the middle to pass on God's Love to someone special.

  • On February 23, in addition to our daily lesson, we will be discussing Bullying and each child will receive a small book from Lutheran Hour Ministries to take home.
Have a great week!