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Sunday School Parent Connection: Sun. Feb. 2

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Sunday School Parent Connection:  Sun. Feb. 2

Mount Olive's Sunday School Parent Connection

A partnership between teachers and parents to educating our children and nourishing their spiritual growth!  


Today's bible story is about Dorcas (Acts 9:36-42), a woman well known for her deeds of kindness for the poor.  Dorcas was loved by those who knew her and is a good role model of how we can use our hearts, minds, mouths and hands to do the Lord's work.  Dorcas made the most of her daily living to serve others.  God also gives us lives filled with opportunities to serve Him by helping others.  Each new day is a gift from Him - a gift of His grace.

We enjoyed watching a short movie clip showing how God created the world and we discussed how very special we are as God's children.  If God created the entire universe and all that is in it, then what is man that God should send His only Son (down to us, here on earth -- a minuscule pinpoint in the universe) to die for our sins?  We must be very special for Him to desire a relationship with us.  Our bodies are made in His image and all that we have is His.  

God deserves our utmost respect, worship, and careful attention to using His resources for His purposes.  Everything we have is given to us out of love by His Grace and can be easily taken away.  Christ dwells within our hearts through Baptism and our bodies are made temples of the Holy Spirit.  We are obligated and privileged to use our bodies to serve Him.  Another reason why we should keep our bodies healthy!

Thank you to Mrs. Frombach & family for making "Our Body" People Cookies for us to enjoy.  As a craft, we created our own bodies and had fun clothing them.
In our children's prayers this week, we may wish to encourage the kids to thank God for their wonderful bodies and ask the Holy Spirit to give them ideas about how to use them to help others.  (Some already have ideas about helping their parents without being asked. . .)
See you next Sunday!