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Sunday School Parent Connection: May 4th - Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

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Sunday School Parent Connection:  May 4th - Jesus on the Road to Emmaus
Mount Olive's Sunday School Parent Connection
A partnership between teachers and parents to educating our children and nourishing their spiritual growth!  
Today in Sunday School the children learned of how the disciples recognized the resurrected  Jesus through the Scriptures and the breaking of bread when he appeared to them on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24:3–15).  The children watched the full-length video (30 min.) Road to Emmaus which follows the story of Luke 24:13-49 and imagines what the conversation between Jesus and the two disciples might have been.  It builds the story from the actual stories and passages of the Bible (the writings of Moses and the Prophets as well as the further explanations in the New Testament).
The Road to Emmaus reminds us that Jesus Christ is indeed alive and always with us.  He is the living Christ, the one who has 'redeemed Israel' and all people by the body broken and the blood shed for the forgiveness of sins.  We may not be able to see him physically all the time, however, we will find his presence in the Scriptures and Sacraments.  
In our home discussions, talk with the children about how Christ comes to us and abides with us through Word and Sacrament, continuing to open our eyes and strengthening our faith.
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  • To the parents of new children:  all Sunday School lesson updates may also be found on Mount Olive Lutheran Church's website on the Sunday School Blog (scroll down for past lessons).  There are excellent resources on our website, including JC Playzone for kids where younger children can play Christian games, videos, puzzles and more.