Blog / Book of the Month / "Holy Trinity - We see Him" / Jon 8:48-59/ Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / Sunday, June 12th / Holy Trinity Sunday

"Holy Trinity - We see Him" / Jon 8:48-59/ Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / Sunday, June 12th / Holy Trinity Sunday

"Holy Trinity - We see Him" / Jon 8:48-59/ Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / Sunday, June 12th / Holy Trinity Sunday




Text: John 8:48-59
Theme: Holy Trinity - We see Him
Intr – Have you ever wondered why Jesus - the beloved Master who we would think hardly any person could have feelings of anger and hatred against - was in danger of being stoned at least twice in only 3 years of earthly ministry? But it effectively happened, as we saw in the Gospel today.

What is even more baffling to us is that people picked up stones to throw at Him for speaking God’s Truth – especially, that He is one with the Father. He was teaching about essentials of faith.

Take a look at this picture, I think it can help us to understand the situation:

What do you see here: 20 squares?

Now, what if I told you that there are 16 circles in these pictures. Would you believe me? Can you see it?

One thing is for sure: when you see it, you can’t unsee it anymore.

But if you don’t see it, no matter how hard I try to tell there are circles here, squares is all you will see; and the more I try to tell you the plain truth, the more irritated at me you’ll get. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t get to the point of throwing stones at me (perhaps your hymnal though), but still you might get frustrated by the fact that I may be implying that you are wrong or that I think you’re not smart enough to see things as they are.

In the Gospel of John we see something much more serious at stake. God. Yahweh. Faith. The foundation of faith and life. Jesus shows them the circles, but they can only think in squares.

It was the same bible, same Old Testament, same God’s promises they had as source and they would talk about. But because Tradition, Politics and Power struggles had put a square filter on it, the religious leaders could not see it as it was anymore. “If Yahweh is God, this Galilean cannot be God too." "Am I to believe that The Messiah is a semi-literate Samaritan possessed by a demon? No way”. “Abraham is the source our worth and the genetic seal that we were THE people of God. So Abraham is not someone who would be glad in seeing the day of a wandering preacher followed by overrated fisherman.” And so on.

Under this light we understand the context bitter…rather, better. We understand why the stones were close at hand.
-Yahweh is the only God
-Genetic Jews are the only legitimate members of His body, sinners are to be kept far off
-Religious leaders are the only authorized truth tellers
-Virtue Signaling – I am the best version of yourself
-Tribal Truth – What my tribe says is above of what your God says.
-Rigidity – If you don’t fit the mold, you get the scold.

Jesus comes with his circles and breaks the square system apart.

Now interestingly enough we are not far off from those stones. Think about these categories and the way our current state of affairs is going. We live in a world where Truth is not welcome anymore.
-Who or what is the true God of our time?
-Who are its anointed priests? We already know that deniers are sinners.
-Who are the only authorized unquestionable truth tellers?
-Virtue Signaling – I am the best version of yourself;
-Tribal Truth – What my tribe says is above of what your God says;
-Rigidity – If you don’t fit the mold, you get the scold.

Now, what does it have to do with Holy Trinity Sunday?

Exactly everything. He is the alpha and omega, beginning and end. It is the source, foundation and direction of everything are, know, do and think. This is the Truth, which sometimes is the Circle in a square world. We need to be ready to get not roses but stones when standing for what we believe.

The point can be illustrated taking just 1 essential characteristic of each person of Holy Trinity:

Father – He has created everything there is out of nothing. Compare this to everything else around you when it comes to the origins – and the future – of the universe

Son – He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, who died for the sins of the World. Compare this to everything around you when it comes to what is the way, or the multiple ways to God; the tribal truths and the truth of our time; the life as it is presented in the Bible.

Holy Spirit – Faith is a gift not a merit. Compare it with, in one hand, the complete ignoring of Faith and Theology in many secular circles; and the abuse and glorifications of personal faith and personal victory and prosperity in many ecclesiastical circles.

Yes, I can see stones coming. But one thing is for sure: when you see it, you don’t want to unsee it anymore. When in faith you see God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you see the truth. You see love. You see life.

I am who am, Yahweh, Kyrios, Lord. Your Lord. That is the keystone to remember. When the world only talks squares, you know you are inside the circle of His family, of His care and love. Because “I Am” called you to faith, now you are.

This strengthens us in our call in daily life. We don’t need to dodge hard questions. We don’t need to avoid dialogue. We don’t need to fear. He who delivered us from our sins and gave us new life, has gifted us with a living faith, active in the world, engaging in First article knowledge (the rational world) so that we can live Second Article knowledge (Christ and His Word), in order to share Third Article knowledge(Holy Spirit and His work) with many hearts

By the way, if you just couldn’t see the circles, this picture might help you out:

Cc – If good words come your way, keep going. If stones come your way, keep going. Keep sharing your faith where you can, when you can. It doesn’t matter in what public or private square you may find yourself in life, The Triune God’s Grace and Love encircle you in Christ all times, every time.
Even if the stones come, you don’t need to fear. For you are solidly built on the Rock. Father. Jesus Servant. Holy Ghost



Every place
becomes the same place
when You are there
bringing your Grace.
You come to teach,
framing the way that I feel.

Every place
becomes the same place.
Your Word alone
imparting Your Grace.
You come to teach,
framing the way that I praise

Jesus Servant,
Holy Ghost::

::We are Yours, o Lord!
Your deep Grace fulfills our life,
leads our hearts to say:
Just and Holy, God of Love!::

::Father, (Holy)
Jesus Servant, (Holy)
Holy Ghost:: (Holy Lord)

(Lyrics: Lucas Andre Albrecht/ Music: Paulo Brum, Tom Pacheco
English Version: Lucas Abrecht/Paulo Brum 2021)