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Faith Journeys / Daryl

Posted in 2014 / Stewardship

Faith Journeys / Daryl

I was asked to speak to you on this second Free and Joyous Response Sunday. The topic is blessings and stewardship of these blessings. I will speak to my stewardship of time and blessings related to volunteering. As a background, I have had faith in Jesus as my Savior as far back as I can remember. I was born, baptized, and confirmed in Regina. After high school, I went to school for 2 years in Saskatoon where I met my wife Colleen. I went to the University of Saskatchewan for three more years and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After we were married, we joined Zion Lutheran in Saskatoon where I started using my blessings and stewardship by volunteering as a scout leader.


One year after receiving my university degree, we moved to Regina. We joined Grace Lutheran and had our two girls baptized at Grace. We moved in Regina and joined Prince of Peace Lutheran. Here I served several terms as an elder. A notice on the bulletin board said a couple from Yorkton was planning a mission trip to Guatemala. We arranged to go for one month where we worked to renovate a school.


Our blessings have grown and the stewardship of our time, talents, and treasures has changed as our blessings have grown. Our earnings went up as our careers advanced and are offerings following along. Now, in retirement, our income has dropped and our offerings have followed, but with an early retirement has come the blessing of more time. We are now able to do much more mission work.


Before retirement, I was able to go on to mission trips to Guatemala and Mexico. This was the beginning of my foreign mission work. I was blessed with an early retirement. Since then, Colleen and I have been on several mission trips including several trips to Baja California. We took a several month European trip with Youth with a Mission to five locations as mission builders where we did many jobs as needed at each location from clearing vines from an abandoned vineyard, rewiring, laying ceramic tile, building a staircase and many other projects. We have also volunteered for a month where we helped ship supplies to Haiti after the earthquake.


These trips were usually in the winter. In the summer we work and volunteer at Kinaseo Bible camp as head cook for two years and for five years as campground host. There we renovated the camp forward by electrical server and water to most sites in the campground. We have spent up to nine months a year volunteering and doing mission work since retirement. These mission trips have let us use our talents in many ways. In summary our stewardship journey has changed as we have journeyed through life. We have found that it is important to use our talent, time, and treasures to do our part in the Great Commission.