Blog / Book of the Month / Eternal Value / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / April 6th, 2023/ Maundy Thursday

Eternal Value / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / April 6th, 2023/ Maundy Thursday

Eternal Value / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / April 6th, 2023/ Maundy Thursday




Maundy Thursday
Theme: “Eternal Value”
Intr –I have here with me some products, and I wonder what you would think about price tags attached to them.

A pen: $1,500
A Chess piece: $5,000
A brand new car: $999.
Last item: this crucifix: for 12 equal installments of 5k each.

        “Wow”, you may be thinking, “Pastor Lucas has not only changed his profession into a sales man, but also a terrible one. How does he think people will either but a pencil for $1,500, or fall for the idea that they can have a new car for $999?”

        But I will tell you this: this is what we do weekly from this pulpit, in online messages, everywhere. Well, we don’t sell stuff in the Church, of course. But changing price tags? We do it all the time. This is what I as a Pastor was called to do, this is one of the tasks of the Church. For this is what God did, and continues to do. We do change price tags.

Some things we see in world that may have a fancy and expensive price are tagged with lower value. The things the world wouldn’t give a dollar for, or even a dollar would be considered outrageously expensive; His price tag shoots the value through the roof.

        “God changes price tags on everything. What I once thought precious is pitiful. Garbage, now glorious.”[1] Material goods tortuously acquired; fancy acquisitions that serve for nothing, possessions accumulated for a show-off of importance? Big price tag out there, very low value here(Bible). The same for concepts and attitudes that make you look fancy out there, but find no real value in here.

        On the other hand, items like Faith, forgiveness, Word, Sacraments, God’s Commandments, countercultural life… those may have a low price tag out there, if ever any; but skyrocketing value in here.

Holy week is the hightest example of this. Think of how people see it, or even how people in jesus time saw it. Just another “crazy” prophet gets in trouble. Another crucifixion among thousands of others the Romans killed on crosses. Life carries on, not a big deal But for us Christians, for those who were called to faith by the Holy Spirit, is the life changing, History changing week. Priceless. Highest value ever.

_On Maundy Thursday Jesus is hours before the event that will be the payment for the price of sin. Death on the Cross.
_On Maundy Thursday Jesus instituted a priceless means for our forgiveness of sins. Holy Communion

        I am sure that these precious gifts wouldn’t have a high bid for them out there. This is how it goes. You have to pay the price, you’ve got your karma, you need to do things for yourself. You know, “There is no free meal”.

        How good then it is to come to a place and hear the Good news that the price is paid, the value is high and it is all for free, through faith in Christ to your heart. Yes, there is free meal, Holy Communion is for you for free. Christ has paid the priced so that you freely receive by God’s Grace all His good gifts.

        Now perhaps you’ve noticed me straddling between the words “price” and “value”. It was intentional. We may know the price of lots of things in life, but we don’t always realize value. Things change a lot when we realize that behind a low price tag is something invaluable, especially with gifts that are gracious, present and eternal. Even with these objects here. For example, this chess piece. It could be bought for perhaps 10 bucks somewhere, right? Perhaps $50 if you knew it was made by an excellent artist. Now, this was made by my late father-in-law and given to my wife when she was a kid; and that it has been standing in my desk for years now, the piece in Chess that movens in L, the first letter of my name. how can I price tag it? It is Priceless. The value of such and object can’t be calculated

        If that can happen with earthly things we treasure as mementos, connecting us to memories of people we love, think about the gifts that God gives us in His Word and His Sacraments. For reason, they seem too ordinary and common; their value will seem low and the price, too high. When we realize by faith though what is packed in there, its value in our life will certainly shoot through the roof, through the skies. It will keep us connected to Him.

Cc – You can price anything you want. But value, that is something deeper. Bad news; you won’t be able to own a new car $999, sorry. Good news: your pastor will continue to change price tags every week. The Church will continue to do so - for whatever and for whenever needed, good and salutary. She will continue to point to Christ’s Word, communion, death, and resurrection. Christ’s forgiveness love and peace. The Church will continue to proclaim that Christ is Lord. And that the price he paid on His Cross gives eternal value to all the good things that come from His hand.


[1] MESSMANN, John. First Call, page 174



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