Blog / Book of the Month / Delight in rich food / Isaiah 55:1-5 / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / August 6th, 2023/ Season of Pentecost

Delight in rich food / Isaiah 55:1-5 / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / August 6th, 2023/ Season of Pentecost

Delight in rich food / Isaiah 55:1-5 / Pr. Lucas Andre Albrecht / August 6th, 2023/ Season of Pentecost




Text: Isaiah 55:1-5
Theme: Delight in rich food

Sermon outline. Listen to the full sermon on the link above


Intr –  A table full of delightful food is one of the social gatherers per excellence. It is hard to see a social event that doesn’t include edible content.

Why do we do it so much? What is the significance of sitting down and sharing a meal? Here are my 3 tops reasons for humans having food as the main reason to get together, at least for pleasant meetings:

-Offering food is an act of care;
-You are never in a rush when you want to delight in good food;
-You need food.

--Isaiah: God invites us to delight in rich food. He wants to gather His people around a delightful banquet he prepares for them. Why?

-Because he cares about us;
-Because he wants to remove you from the rush of your daily life and give rest for our souls;
-Because you need food.

         What does God offer? Here we see a completely different kind of menu. This one nourishes the soul. This one offers what our soul and body need in terms of compassion, forgiveness and love. Water, Milk and Honey. Rich Food

        And no money is involved. Christ pays the price of God’s compassion for His people.

 Now, thinking of Water, Milk and Honey, they could be harmful if taken wrongly or from the wrong sources:

Water – You can drink and die. It is rare, but happens. Or you can drawn;
Milk – If you are lactose intolerant, you can’t take it
Honey – it is too sweet if you have glucose problems

--In the spiritual realm, it happens when we accept edible stuff from dubious sources. They can never nourish your soul the right way.

--Now, no matter what your problems are, even physical ailments, why would you take this invitation? Because of THE ONE who is offering it to you. God invites you to delight in rich food. He cooked, he gathered, he offered. He won’t offer anything that harms you, but only what nourishes, strengthens and saves you.

---Context of Isaiah: The people of Israel was in exile, and longing for their homeland. In a historical level, we can see how this is appealing. They were in exile, working and toiling to serve others, not to the benefit of themselves. Now they will be invited to come back to the promised land, where they will work and toil, but now they will be able to be thankful to God and enjoy the fruits of the work. The land of milk and honey (Exodus) will be theirs again. God invited them to the banquet. He is working for them. Isaiah is inviting the people of Israel to come and feast. Water milk and honey are there for them

--Israel was a hard necked people however. Over and over again they forget what psalm 136 says:”Give thanks to the Lord for He is good".

--We are hard necked people. We forget what the Lord says. And then we think that the water of the world, the milk of society and the honey of being accepted taste better. Every time we refuse Jesus' Food and feast on the junk food of the Word, we do the same.

Now, can you imagine how you’d feel if you prepared a delightful and healthy meal to a person you know needs it, and they would say: “nah, thanks. I think French fries and soda would be better for me.” They have the right to their choice, but you would certain lament it.

--God makes this banquet is available for you. He is the only one who can offer it. This is ultimately what Jesus is offering when he gives fish and loaves to 5000 men (Matthew 14). They are the means to show them that the banquet of God’s kingdom was standing before them and being offered to them. Unfortunately, many followed Jesus only because of the body nourishment. Their souls remained starving.

--Jesus feeds them.  But He takes time, he is not in a hurry. Nourishments, and even miracles, always happen in Jesus’ time.

--Now you can go and share your faith, inviting others to this banquet. Why?
-Because is an act of care
-They are probably in a rush, they need time and rest.
-They need food.

        Good food, reliable drinks. Everything you need. You can celebrate the banquet in the Presence of Him who offers it freely for you.

Cc – The invitation is for you: Come buy without money. Como delight in rich food. Why?
        Because you need food.
        Because you need rest.
        Because He cares for you.




Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash