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Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update

Dear friends in Christ,

Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus our Lord,

As of March 1st 2022 the Saskatchewan Provincial Government ended Covid-19 public health guidelines:

Pastor Giese, the Elders and Church Council thank you for your continued patience and kindness through these last years of pandemic and post pandemic recovery we encourage you to carry on extending this gracious care to each other. Even though some time has now passed since the height of the pandemic please remember not everyone is at the same comfort level. While most people are not at present using masks feel free to wear masks as desired and if you are unwell take some time to rest at home before gathering with others. Covid and other communicable illnesses persist and still pose a threat to high-risk individuals so please carry on exercising caution.

Pastor will happily receive members on Wednesday mornings by appointment for Holy Communion between 9am – 10:45am if larger gatherings remain to be a concern of yours: to make an appointment contact the church office.

For members seeking Holy Communion outside of these times please contact Pastor Giese directly or the church office (306) 543-9744 to schedule an individual visit. 

With love, yours in Christ Jesus,
The Board of Elders, Church Council and Office,
Pastor Ted Giese