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Catechumen Luke Weber Confirmed on Pentecost Sunday 2013

Catechumen Luke Weber Confirmed on Pentecost Sunday 2013

With Christ With us we Are Never Alone

This year was a unique year; Mount Olive had a single young catechumen, Luke Weber. In 2011 we had 9, in 2012 we had 5, and next year in 2014 we'll have 13. Every year we have some adult confirmations of Baptism as well. Luke had as his confirmation verse Psalm 105:1 "Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples," but Luke's favourite verse is from the Gospel of John 11:35, "Jesus wept" this may be because it is the shortest verse in the Bible, but it has special meaning as it was read as part of the Gospel reading at the funeral of a close family friend who kept horses on the Weber family farm. So John 11:35 sort of became his "official" unofficial Confirmation verse. If you're worried that Luke was all alone in his classes, you need not be, he spent his second year of confirmation with the Youth/Young adults Bible study and had the rare opportunity to read the Large Catechism as part of his confirmation classes.

On the Thursday before Pentecost Sunday Mount Olive had it's Family Confirmation Night. Following a meal together those gathered were warmly welcomed by Mavis Andrews and the Board of Education. Surrounded by family and friends and first year catechumens and their families Luke gave a short presentation on the 10 commandments sharing insights that he gleaned from his lessons. It was also a time of warm welcome as various other members of the congregation and community welcomed Luke into the communicant membership of Mount Olive Lutheran Church: Al Massier spoke on behalf of the Board of Elders; Roberta Nixon spoke for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League; and Randy Schmirler presented Luke with a small cross from Faith Life Financial.


Jim Nixon spoke on behalf of the Church Council and very poignantly reminded us of how Christ is with us even when we look to the world to be standing alone, and that even tough Luke is a confirmation class of one he is a reminder that Christ is with us as He promises to be and that with Christ with us we are never alone.


An invitation was extended by Rocky Campbell for young people to come to Camp Lutherland this summer. Closing prayer was provided by Pastor Terry Defoe and an invitation to other youth to join the Thursday Night Youth/Young Adult Bible Study and other youth activities at Mount Olive was extended by Pastor Ted Giese.