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Book Of The Month For August 2015: The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers

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Book Of The Month For August 2015:  The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers

The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers

By Michael Eschelbach

2015 / Paperback / 824 Pages

Have you ever finished reading a Bible passage, only to be left scratching your head and wondering why no study notes, devotionals, or commentaries answer your questions?  The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers is an easy-to-follow Q&A handbook with vast insight into the entire New Testament.  Rev. Dr. Michael Eschelbach draws from thirty years of experience counseling and teaching in parish and university settings to create a handy resource for students, Bible studies, and personal devotions. With countless references to parallel biblical texts, discover again and again how all of Scripture is connected.

Explore questions like...

Why do the Gospel accounts differ?
Are there demon-possessed people today?
Why did Jesus use parables?
What can we learn from the Epistles?
What does Revelation mean?
The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers is a must-have resource for Bible studies, personal study, and for every Christian!

A Look Inside

Short, authoritative answers from a New Testament professor
Common questions we all ask
References to parallel biblical texts, showing how all of Scripture is connected
Topical index
Praise for The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers:
“The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers is a compelling read and vital new resource. I found myself captivated as page after page Dr. Eschelbach provides insight into the 'story behind the story' of God’s Word in an easy-to-read format. I highly recommend this book for Bible study leaders, teachers, students and all who desire to experience the richness that comes with the Spirit-filled discernment of the Gospel message and its impact on our own personal faith fused journey.”

—Dr. Kurt Senske, Author of The Calling: Live a Life of Significance (Concordia, 2010), President & CEO, Lutheran Social Services of the South

“Michael Eschelbach is known among students on the campuses where he has taught as having the ability to address their questions and concerns about the Scriptures and God in a way that both speaks to them and also clarifies difficult matters. This book, compiled from questions he has received over the years in his New Testament introduction classes, addresses questions many readers of the New Testament will have and answers them with precision and intelligibility while also helping readers come to grips with the great theological themes of God’s Word. These are just the type of questions every pastor has received when teaching the Bible, exactly the questions that are on the mind of thoughtful, serious readers of the New Testament. For this reason, this volume will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone, but especially for laypersons who are reading the New Testament for themselves or preparing to teach it to others.”

—Rev. Dr. Andrew Steinmann, Distinguished Professor of Theology and Hebrew, Concordia University Chicago

“As a former student of Dr. Eschelbach, his excellent teaching comes through in this book as clearly as it did in the college classroom. The questions are extensive, capturing many things I’ve often wondered, but also including ideas I’d never before considered, which helped me read the text in a deeper way. In his responses, Dr. Eschelbach answers with wisdom, while maintaining clarity and simplicity. Explanations are based solidly in Scripture and always point the reader back to Christ. This is a wonderful companion book for biblical study, whether it is a group or individual setting.”

—Bethany Regan, Concordia University Chicago, Class of 2006

“Bible-believing Christians are aware that we live in a time in which the world has painted a target on God’s Holy Word. Skeptics, cynics, global religions, and even some Christian denominations compete with each other in taking pot-shots at Scripture’s truths. The faithful who wish to make an educated response to the questions they hear often feel ignorant and ill-prepared to do so. Which is why Dr. Eschelbach’s volume, The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers is necessary. He has done the research which allows us to make educated and evangelical replies to common challenges about God’s Word.”

—Rev. Kenneth R. Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®

“Martin Luther left us a legacy that to this day reminds us of the powerful and intimate nature of question-asking in the formation of the faith. Father and mother sit with children and learn the faith through the recitation of the chief articles of faith and through the simple question: 'What does this mean?' And to this question the Word of God in Christ gives answer. Here, too, Dr. Eschelbach reminds us of the joy of asking good questions, and being guided in God’s Word to receive faithful answers. Readers will find here answers to real questions that are being asked about the New Testament. And they will find also a faithful model for how to approach the many questions that are yet to be asked.”

—Rev. David Rufner, Pastor of New Hope Lutheran Church, Hudsonville, MI

“Dr. Eschelbach’s book is a valuable resource for anyone studying or teaching the Bible. Not only are the answers insightful, but the questions themselves help one realize what others wonder when they read these texts. Bible study leaders will benefit from seeing what questions may arise, even if people don’t voice them. Everyone will appreciate Dr. Eschelbach’s responses which reference other Bible passages.”

—Ted Kober, President of Ambassadors of Reconciliation
About the Author
Rev. Dr. Michael Eschelbach is professor of Theology and Philosophy at Concordia University Irvine. Prior to joining the faculty of CUI, Dr. Eschelbach was a member of the faculty at Concordia University Chicago for fourteen years. 
Dr. Eschelbach is the recipient of the Concordia University Arts and Sciences Effective Teaching/Learning Award (2002); the Concordia University Student Association Professor of the Year (2000–2001, 2001–2002, 2004–2005); and the American Bible Society “Scholarly Studies in Greek” achievement award conferred by Concordia Theological Seminary (1985).
You can order the book online at Concordia Publising House or by contacting our Church Office.