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Bible Basics Class Part Two Bible in an Hour

Posted in 2013 / Bible Study / Pastor Ted Giese

Bible Basics Class Part Two  Bible in an Hour
"Bible in an Hour" will be used this evening in part two of our Bible Basics Class. In just over one hour you'll be given an overview of the central story of the Bible. If you didn't come to the first evening, that's ok, you can dive in right here and join us. In fact, just come this evening and hear the "Bible in an Hour" programme or visit to get your own copy of "Bible in an Hour."


This evening we'll also continue with chapter two of St Paul's Letter to the Philippian Christians and look at why there are so many translations of the Bible today.


Come join us for an opportunity to learn some of the basics about the Bible:


     1) how to use it

     2) where and how to find things

     3) how was it written

     4) what is it about


This class is designed to boost your confidence and to prepare you for future study. It's open to everyone if you have any questions please contact Pastor Ted Giese.


The other dates for the Bible Basics class, after April 17th, are May 8th and 15th and like ussual the classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm