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A very special confirmation and welcome

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A very special confirmation and welcome

(l-r): Angelina Patterson, Rev. Ted Giese, Nathan Hubick, Rev. Terry Defoe


Confirmation - Nathan Hubick and Angelina Patterson became members of Mount Olive Lutheran Church through the Rite of Confirmation, Sunday, January 10. Nathan and Angelina took a series of classes with Rev. Ted Giese using special materials from Concordia Publishing House. The congregation is pleased to have Nathan and Angelina as members of their fellowship and wishes them God’s richest blessings.


…and welcome 

On Sunday, May 2, Mount Olive Lutheran Church celebrated its annual New Members Sunday. In addition to an adult baptism, the church received new members through adult confirmation, profession of faith and transfer from other congregations. We thank our gracious God for adding new members to our Christian community.

 Rev. Terry Defoe