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Book Of The Month For August 2014: The Lutheran Bible Companion

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Book Of The Month For August 2014:  The Lutheran Bible Companion

The Lutheran Bible Companion Set by Engelbrech, Edward A.

2014/ Hardback/ 2 volumes, 1128 and 1016 pages.

Volume One:  Introdutcion and Old Testament

Volume Two:  Intertestemental, New Testament, and Bible Dictionary

No other book ties God’s promises to specific people, places, times, and cultures like the Bible. The Lutheran Bible Companion is a highly visual two-volume handbook that welcomes Christians to a deeper exploration of the cultural and historical contexts of the events captured in Scripture and the Apocrypha.

Tap into the treasures of God’s Word with the Lutheran Bible Companion, the first-ever comprehensive guide to the Bible featuring commentary that reflects Lutheran theology.

In this two-volume set, readers find new understanding for personal meditation or preaching in the expansive timeline of the Old and New Testament, as well as the Intertestamental Era. Fascinating insights on the Bible’s themes provide additional depth:

- Theological topics and literary features found in each book of the BibleSignificant events, people, and places found in detailed outlines and maps

- Biblical reflections from Martin Luther and Johann Gerhard

- Color photography and art illustrating stories, daily life, and landscapes (600+)

A Look Inside

About the Author:

Edward Engelbrecht (B.S., M.Div., S.T.M.) is a contributing editor to the 2012 ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist "The Story Bible." He is known as a writer and editor who makes biblical studies and theology understandable. Persons as diverse as Jewish scholar Emanuel Tov of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the moms at Christian Children's Book Review have commended his publications. He serves as Senior Editor for Bible Resources at Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO.

What others are saying

"Visually appealing and Christ-centered. Every page is instructive, profuse with illustrations, charts, and references. This work is one to trust to explain and amplify Scripture book by book. Especially valuable is the inclusion of viewpoints that undermine and misunderstand the Bible, with reasonable defenses and clarification, using Lutheran principles of biblical interpretation."

— Rev. Robert Voelker, pastor, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Windsor, Ontario

"There is a wealth of information available at my fingertips; information that answers some of the tough questions when reading God’s Word, and supplies much needed background, maps, charts, photos, and resources for further study. As I continue to encourage women to be in God’s Word, I will also encourage them to purchase and use this. This book will be my companion in my daily quiet time."

— Janice M. Wendorf, 16th President of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

"The Lutheran Bible Companion brings to life the scriptural narrative in stunning fashion with its rich photographs and illustrations. It provides helpful information and insights that will be of use to every student of the Bible, regardless of their age, education, or biblical literacy. For the reader seeking even more exhaustive information on the books of the Bible or specific topics, it also recommends works for further reading. Everyone who picks up a Bible should have the Lutheran Bible Companion close at hand."

— The Rev. Dr. David P. Rowold, Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bloomfield, New Jersey

You can order this book online at Concordia Publishing House or by contacting our Church Office.