Media / Videos / Monday Holy Week Mount Olive Lutheran Church - April 6th 2020

Monday Holy Week Mount Olive Lutheran Church - April 6th 2020

A Prayer for Monday in Holy Week 2020:
Precious Savior, Lamb of God for sinners slain, graciously forgive me all my sins. I have failed to fear, love, and trust in You above all things. This I confess, O Lord. As I reflect on my past life I see that the allurements of the world the way it was, the glamour of success which I have chased, and the favour of friends and useful acquaintances have enticed me away from You. These things have been fighting to take possession of my heart. O Lord, keep my eyes open, let me not sell my soul for the passing treasures of this present world. Forgive me for this betrayal of you.

Should things return to the way they were protect me from the cunning of Satan, the allurements of the world, and the wickedness of my own heart which seeks to cut me off from You. You are my surest Friend; Grab hold of me that I do not stumble and fall. However the World ends up becoming after these days of isolation guard my heart that the love of money and things, the desire for recognition and the eagerness to succeed may not rob me of my salvation, which You so dearly bought with Your own precious blood. Above all, gracious Saviour, let me not despair of Your mercy, but believe at all times that Your patience is as boundless as the heavens and deeper than the sea, O Friend of sinners, let me not fall away from You, Keep me standing in Your grace until I shall stand in Your presence forever throughout all eternity. Amen.