Media / Videos / His Scattered Sheep - Good Friday Sermon Mark 14:26–52

His Scattered Sheep - Good Friday Sermon Mark 14:26–52

Today you are scattered, separated, and broken apart but this will not last forever. You will find your way back here to Mount Olive Lutheran Church and the Altar Rail, you will confess Jesus to be Lord together and you will bend the knee and receive Holy Communion from Him by the hand of your pastors: The same body and blood that hung on the cross for you and for the World. Like the Virgin Mary and St. John you might come to the foot of Christ Jesus in dribs and drabs at first, just a couple here and a couple there as we are able, but then the day will come when you will be free of your isolation, free to congregate together and in that day don’t be far off, don’t remain scattered, separated, and broken apart; come together even if it has been a long time, even if you were isolated from each other before this pandemic, and remember also that you are joined together in your faith in Christ Jesus, even while you are physically isolated from each other.