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Faithfulness - 7 minutes

"7 minutes" Devotion presented by Pastor Lucas Albrecht.


As Churches started to close down because of the quarantine, in compliance with the directions from the authorities, some questions about faith and faithfulness also came with it. For example, “why would we close our Churches? Wouldn’t suspending Services be a sign that we are yielding to the temptation of doubting that God will protect and provide? For this time of trial should to bring us even closer to Jesus.” "Don’t we trust God for our present and our future?”

I understand where that comes from, but precaution and obedience to the authorities are not opposed to faith and faithfulness, especially in these times when we have means to be together even when apart, mediated by a screen.

Also, I’d like ask you this: do you have insurance for your house? Is your car insured? Do you usually resort to insurance in your life? Now, wouldn’t that be a sign that you don’t trust in God for your future? Actually, wouldn’t even having a savings account in the bank represent the same doubt about God’s providence for our future?

We already have those questions pretty much settled these days. But know that for many Christians along the centuries, and perhaps still today, that posed a spiritual question just like this one about the virus.

Of course, on the other hand, over-preoccupation, excess of anxiousness and attempting to figure everything out with our own mind, hands and power doesn’t help either. That could for sure be a sign that we don’t trust God enough to have Him as the conductor of our lives.

Christ’s faithfulness in His work of love on the Cross is where we draw our faithfulness from. We learn how to trust in Him in every situation, as we also do the best within our reach. For even though you know that God ultimately is the One protecting you and your family, you always lock your doors before going to bed.

Great is God’s faithfulness. It also gives us a spirit of discernment and wisdom to deal with the days we are living in. One thing is for sure though: Even if and when we are not faithful. He always is. He is there for you and me, all the time.

He brings us the salvation that assures us a future life that no savings account can ensure. He gives us the assurance no insurance on Earth can match.