The 70th Anniversary - 2023 / May Special Service - Rev. Pudrycki

GUEST PREACHER: Rev Irwin Pudrycki - Pastor at Mount Olive from 1980 t0 2002

Our guest preacher on May 28th was Rev. Irwin Pudrycki, our Pastor at Mount Olive from 1980 to his retirement in 2002. We had the opportunity to hear him preaching again from the pulpit he preached over a 1,000 times from. His sermon was titled "The Power is on...", alluding to the Feast of Pentecost. We also had the opportunity to revisit some of His Ministry's moments at Mount Olive, in the exposition of pictures he and Donna prepared in the Narthex.

The 70th committee gave Pastor Pudrycki's one of our 70th mementos, and Donna, his wife, was also acknowledged for her the many contributions, which were summed up by mentioning her design of our windows in the Sanctuary.




Click on the link to listen to Pastor Pudrycki's Sermon: