Sunday School

Sunday School

 Mount Olive’s Sunday School offers classes for children from Nursery level (ages 3 and 4) to Grade 6.  We meet from 9:15 to 10:00 on Sunday mornings during the regular church service.  Children stay with their families during the first fifteen minutes of the worship service.  After the Children’s Talk, the children go downstairs to the Sunday School classrooms where they will hear bible stories, make crafts, and play games that reinforce the story’s theme.  Teachers encourage the kids to talk to each other and ask lots of questions to help their faith

Important friendships are formed at Sunday School.  As they grow, these children will support each other in many ways.  There is already a sense of community even among the very young.


At different times throughout the year, the children are invited to take part in special mission projects, like collecting food for the food bank or giving toys to hospitalized children.   Mission projects encourage children to think of the needs of others.  They feel good knowing they have helped someone.  They learn that God can use them to accomplish amazing things.


At Christmas time, the children often participate in a program to share the miracle of Jesus’ birth with the congregation.  Children can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that they have contributed to spreading the news about Jesus our Savior. 


The teachers at Mount Olive Sunday school are a wonderful group.  Men, women and youth experience coming together for a single purpose: sharing the Good News with God's children.  They volunteer their time to prepare lessons, decorate their classrooms, and take part in many events put on for the children.  When you see how the children respond to their teachers, you know how blessed we are to have this staff in place.  Thank God for the talented men and women who make up our Sunday School staff!  


We’re also thankful to God for the parents who bring their children faithfully each Sunday and who offer their time and talents when needed.  And we thank God for the kids- for their energy, their unique personalities, and their wide-open hearts.  We’re something like an orchestra:  each child contributes his or her own unique sound, and together we’re making beautiful music for the Lord!


Sunday School Q&A
Q: What do you teach?
A: Our lessons are bible-based. We use curriculum titled "Growing in Christ" published by Concordia Publishing House. The topic of each lesson is shown on the opposite side of this page, along with the bible verse it is based on. We encourage you to ask your child about the lesson after church. A family discussion can help reinforce the topic or lead to extra learning. 

Q: What time are classes held? 
A: 9:15 to 10:00 on Sunday mornings, during the 9:00AM worship service. Kids attend the first few minutes of the service with their families. They are called to the front to hear a spedial Children's Message, then they go downstairs to Sunday School. Classes end at the same time as the worship service. 

Q: Who can go to Sunday School?
A: We welcome all children from age 3 to Grade 6. If you think your 3- or 4-year-old is ready, feel free to visit our classroom any Sunday. You don't need to wait until the start of a new Sunday School term; children can join the class anytime during the year. After Grade 6, our students usually end their involvement with Sunday School because they are ready for Confirmation Classes. 

Q: Should I let my child go downstairs by himself?
A: Our policy is that Nursery and Kindergarten students should be brought to the classroom by a parent or older sibling. We will keep them in the classroom until you (or a sibling) come to get them again. Older children are permitted to go upstairs as soon as classes (and the church service) end. But if you think your older child would be more comfortable being met at the classroom door, feel free to come downstairs. We'd be happy to see you there. 

Q: Do you collect offerings in Sunday School?
A: Yes, we give the students a chance to contribute an offering but it isn't required. Sunday School offering envelopes are available on request. They are given automatically to students who have requested them before, or who have an older sibling with envelopes. Remember to write your family's envelope number on the Sunday School envelope to ensure the donation is recognized on your statements. We also take on special Mission Projects from time to time. Children might contribute needed items, such as warm clothing or school supplies, to people in need. When we’re learning about God's love, this a good way to share His love with others.